Fall at the Pioneer Museum

Upon closing for the season on October 1st. the Board of the Museum have not stopped making the Museum great. October 10th was the day of the Evergreen Cemetery Walk and we had a great turnout of appox. 45 who listened to seven presenters in period dress tell some interesting facts and stories of our past residents of Hot Springs and Fall River County. There were lots of positive comments and we are looking forward to next fall and another Evergreen Cemetery Walk.  Make plans to join us!

Despite the closing of the doors for the season, activity is still going on at the Museum.  From the generous money received from grants, we have been able to paint two more rooms.  The glass room is done and look so clean and ready for next season.  With the beautiful warmer fall weather work and painting is continuing on painting the Goddard room.  This was and is a much-needed task to help preserve and make our Museum a pleasant visit for our many tourists and locals as well.  Some new exhibits are being set in place as well.

We can’t wait for you rejoin us in the Spring of 2017 and come see all the changes and updates we’re making!



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