President's Notes

Notes from the President – August 2016

This has been a warm summer. The new doors in the front were a great idea. It has kept the hot air out and still allow us to leave the outer doors open and welcoming. The fan in the top floor is helping to draw the cooler air through the building.

We have drafted our baseball player in the FR County Room to the Military Room. He is wearing the WWII uniform belonging to Wilbur Goesch. When it cools down a bit, Wilbur will come up and finish dressing him in full honor guard as he was in Germany.

Come check out our hot air balloon display in the FR County Room that is on loan from Arley Fadness of Custer. It will only be here this year.

This spring, we rearranged the many oil lamps we have. Some of them contained old oil that had stained the glass. Rita Fraune fixed this by using blue Dawn dishwashing liquid! If you have this problem, try it, the lamps came out beautifully. Only the blue color will work and please don’t ask why.

Be sure to visit this summer and see what has been done. See you at Pioneer Days!!

-Carol Sides